Conditional Love

Conditional Love

Conditional Love

Here is a quick Q&A with Harrisons Hair Team director and owner, Sue Harrison, on why conditioners are so important for our hair and how we should apply them for optimal effect:

Why is it important to use conditioner on our hair?

Fundamentally, hair is made up of protein and moisture. Everyday activities such as shampooing your hair, blow-drying it or using straighteners, for example, all lead to the hair losing some of its protein and moisture. Conditioners are designed to put some of the lost protein and moisture back in your hair and seal the hair cuticle to prevent further loss, thus helping your hair maintain its strength and shine as well as increase its combability. Conditioning treatments work more intensely within your hair to repair it.

Who should use conditioner?

Essentially, anyone with hair that is long enough to be combed or brushed should think about using conditioner in their hair. It is most important, however, for those with mid to long hair, as this will have the propensity to lose more protein and moisture simply because the hair will have been shampooed or blow-dried more often.

How should we apply the conditioner?

I would recommend a two-fold approach to keeping your hair in the best condition. The type of shampoo and conditioner you use will depend on your hair type, but the method of using and applying it is the same for all hair types.
Firstly, I recommend using a ph-balanced shampoo, such as the Redken range we use in our salons. This should then be followed by a high quality conditioner, which is applied to the freshly shampooed hair and massaged through the middle of the hair length to the ends. Depending on the condition of your hair and how much protein and moisture it needs, this can be left on for around 5-15 minutes before being rinsed off thoroughly. Some leave in treatments, however, such as the Redken Curvaceous range, don’t need to be rinsed off.
Secondly, I would also recommend using a more intense conditioning treatment, such as one of the Redken cream masks, in place of your normal conditioner once every four to five shampoos to give extra gloss and shine to your hair. This is applied in a similar way to your normal conditioner.

How do we choose the right conditioner for our hair?

Your stylist will be able to offer you advice on which shampoo and conditioning products would best suit your hair, but these will largely depend on factors such as: hair length; hair thickness; whether or not your hair has been coloured; your health, as certain types of medication can also have an effect on your hair. External factors such as the weather will also have an impact on your hair, especially with regards to sun exposure or cold and damp conditions.
If you are looking for an in-depth conditioning treatment for your hair, our Evegate salon has a special treatment room where you can relax while our stylists apply a tailored conditioning treatment, including prescription treatments, suitable for your hair’s needs. This means you can relax and enjoy a luxurious head massage while the treatment works hard to repair and nourish your hair.
For more details on our conditioning treatments or products or to book an appointment with one of our trained stylists, call 01303 813 062 or visit



Shades of Hair Colour

Shades of Hair Colour

Shades of Hair Colour

Some hair colour trends come and go, but it looks as though gradient hair colour is here to stay. Over the past few seasons, we have seen a shift in the demand for traditional foiled highlights and solid, as all over colours give way to softer, more natural-looking colour shading.

Many celebrities are also sporting gradient hair colouring, from sun-kissed highlighting to hair that is lighter at the roots, appearing as though the colour is growing out.

Fortunately, there is no longer the need to colour your hair and then wait for it to start growing out in order to achieve this effect. There are a range of new colour techniques that are designed to achieve this slow fade colouring, which not only add dimension to the hair, but are also faster to apply in the salon than some of the traditional methods.

Here is our lowdown on the new colour coding.


Taken from the French word for shadow or shade, ombre shading creates a stark contrast between darker roots and lighter ends and was made popular by celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Alexa Chung.

This effect, which also makes the hair look as though it has been dip dyed, gives quite a distinct contrast between the lighter and darker areas with no colour fade between the darker roots and lighter ends. This effect is created by simply making the root area darker and the lightening the ends.



Sombre is really a soft ombre, which has now overtaken ombre in popularity, and has a celebrity following with people such as Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Cara Delevingne and Jessica Alba championing the look.

The difference between sombre and ombre shading is that the hair lightening starts higher up the head and is blended with the shadowing of the roots. Ribbons of darker colour are worked through the ends of the hair to achieve a more gradual colour transition from the dark to light shading.



Balayage is a highlighting technique whose name also has a French origin. Meaning sweep, balayage is a more freehand technique for highlighting than traditional foils, which are placed as close to the roots of the hair as possible. With balayage, the colour is applied lower down the length of the hair and is blended towards the root as opposed to being solidly applied from the root with foils.

Overall, the highlighting effect is less symmetrical and is applied in a more random application, resulting in a beautiful, more casual beach finish. Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid have all been snapped with this colour shading.



We all want baby-soft skin, but what about baby hair? Most babies have natural, subtle highlights, which are increasingly being coveted by adults.

Babylights are the newest craze when it comes to natural-looking highlighted hair. To achieve this effect, the traditional foil technique is used but the hair is separated into super fine sections when the colour is applied. The colour application is also mostly focused around the hairline and through the crown. This technique is designed to give a very light touch, using colour that is only a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair colour. Although this technique may take slightly longer to achieve than the other shading styles, we believe it is worth the effort as the results are beautiful and you should leave the salon with a very natural-looking youthful hair glow that is reminiscent of your childhood colour.


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Dermalogica 30 30 30

Dermalogica 30 30 30

Dermalogica 30 30 30

Take 30

If you are strapped for time or just want to sample dermalogica®’s fabulous beauty products, then the new dermalogica 30 30 30 promotion could be a perfect match for you. The offer comprises a 30 minute facial and 30 days’ worth of tailored dermalogica products for just £30 and is suitable for all skin types.

The express facial

During your 30 minute facial, our beauty therapist will conduct a micro consultation or skin mapping in order to assess your skin and tailor the facial to your skin’s needs. This will be followed by a skin cleanse, tone and exfoliation before a nourishing face mask is applied. After the mask, you can enjoy a brief facial massage before your beauty therapist finishes by applying a moisturiser.

The products

Your 30 days’ worth of dermalogica products will comprise:

  • Special cleansing gel – a soap-free cleanser designed to remove impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. Suitable for all skins types, this cleanser, as with all dermalogica prodcts, does not contain any artificial fragrances or colours.
  • Daily microfoliant® suitable for all skin types, this is dermalogica’s most popular exfoliant. The rice-based exfoliating powder is designed to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother and brighter.
  • Skin smoothing cream – a medium-weight moisturiser containing nourishing extracts of mallow, cucumber and arnica designed to soothe and hydrate the skin, helping to restore suppleness and tone.
  • Multivitamin power firm – a powerful firming complex designed to combat lines around the delicate eye area and accelerate the skin’s natural repair process and elasticity.


dermalogica-facial 30

The dermalogica 30 30 30 offer is available to book in our Harrisons Hair Team salon in Sandgate, while stocks last. You can find our contact details here:

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