Showers are great for a quick freshen up but a bath gives you the chance to relax and unwind. Bring back the bath! With weather set to plummet to below freezing we will have the heating on all cosy but why not warm them toes in a steamy foamy sensation. Here are our top tips to make the best of your pamper.

We recommend you get candles lit and grab your favourite book and even a cheeky glass of wine to set the scene!

1. The Bubbles & Wash make it special.
Dermalogica conditioning body wash. A soap free therapeutic sensation to deliver all over cleansing with pro vitamins including b5 to nourish dry skin. Add to running water for a bubbly soak or alone for a fresh feeling.

Bathing Tips To De-stress & Detox This Winter 1


2. Relax
Lay Back in the candle light and take it all in, the smells of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus tea tree and lemon.

3. Deep Condition
Once hair is cleansed take this opportunity to use a Redken mask such as All Soft Heavy Cream to help tame those winter flyaway’s and leave hair silky soft.

Bathing Tips To De-stress & Detox This Winter 2


3. Now to Moisturise!
Once all the fun has come to an end remember to lock in all that added moisture with a body hydrating cream such as Dermalogica ultra rich hydrating cream. We recommend concentrating this on areas of extra dryness, such as elbows, knees and heels. Just pump a small amount into your palm then massage onto the body.

Bathing Tips To De-stress & Detox This Winter 3

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