Maggi has joined Harrisons Hair Team Sandgate Near Folkestone Kent as our Holistic Therapist.

Holistic comes from the greek work ‘holos’ meaning whole. It is a holistic approach to treatments taking into account a persons whole being, mind, body and spirit not just the symptoms of aliment.


Maggi has been qualified since 2001 in International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. She is dedicated with a strong compassionate approach to her work she has the ability to relax and energise and can ease the stress and stain.


Holistic Massage 

Back neck and shoulder massage – 30mins for £25 or upgrade and incorporate the pressure points of the face and head and Reiki – 1 hour treatment £35


Aromatherapy Massage

Full body massage with essential oils, tailored to your individual needs (relaxing or re-energising) – 1 hour treatment £50


Relaxing Moment Massage

A combination of essential oils and Reiki – 1 hour treatment £50


Hopi Ear Candles

A candle of bees wax and honey is placed in the ear for a truly comforting relaxing experience – 30 minutes treatment £30



Reiki is a natural healing technique which helps balance and revitalise your energy – 30 minutes treatment £30

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