The Hairdressing Council was established by Act of Parliament in 1964 following a campaign by hairdressers for their own statutory body from as far back a the turn of the 20th Century. Council is charged with maintenance of the state register of hairdressers.

Council believes passionately in the raising of standards and professionalism within hairdressing and campaigns to regulate the industry. Currently the UK is one of the few countries where anyone, without so much as a day’s training, can set up and practise as a hairdresser. This contrasts starkly with other EU and Commonwealth countries where it is in the main for hairdressers to be state registered or licensed and the practise of hairdressing is regulated by law.

The support from the hairdressing industry itself for this campaign has grown enormously over the past few years with numbers on the register increasing day on day. The Government will listen if enough hairdressers join the campaign and we ask each person today to help by supporting and encouraging hairdressers to register.

This campaign is backed by all major hairdressing organizations including the employers’ and employees’ organisations, trichologists, the medical profession, tutors and lecturers of hairdressing, product manufacturers and consumer interest groups.

Anyone who belongs to the register and becomes a state registered hairdresser is putting themselves forward to join the campaign to raise the profile of the hairdressing industry and it can only be in the best interests of both clients and the hairdressers themselves for hairdressing to become regulated.

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