Wedding hair tips

Sometimes left to the last minute to arrange, in fact wedding hair deserves a lot of consideration after all it is one of the first things you will see when you look back at those all-important photographs.
The whole process might seem a little daunting, especially if you rarely experiment with your hair style. So EKOne has teamed up with Harrisons Hair Team in Evegate, near Ashford and Sandgate, near Folkestone to offer brides to be a few tips on how to end up with a stunning wedding hair do that you are comfortable with – and of course one that will last.

The hairdresser

Very few salons actively encourage bridal hair work, so it is often a good idea to search out a specialist wedding hairdresser. They are likely to be more understanding of the stresses of your big day and are used to working in a pressured environment.
When selecting your hairdresser there are a few things you should consider:
The cost – prices vary hugely, so make sure you have received a full quote for everything you think you will want, before you book.
The location – most will charge for travel, so be aware that the further they are away from you, the more it is likely to cost you. Additionally make sure the company gives you the option of travelling to your venue on the wedding day.
Make-up – If you think you might also like to have your make up done for your wedding, it is a good idea to pick a company that can provide both – it means you only have one point of contact, they can work out timings between them and you will end up with hair and make-up that complement each other.
References – many hairdressers will quote testimonials on their websites, however it is a good idea to check the company out on facebook, or ask to be put in touch with a previous client so you can contact them direct.
Get a feel for your stylist’s personality through your communication – remember you will be spending the morning of your wedding with them – it needs to be someone you will get on with and that will put you at ease!

The style

The final style you choose should help you look the best you have ever looked, but at the same time, it is important not to stray too far out of your comfort zone. Remember you will be looking at your photographs for the rest of your lives and you don’t want to look like someone else altogether!
Prior to your trial it is a good idea to gather pictures of hairstyles that you like, but it can also be very helpful to bring pictures of things you don’t like, even if it is just certain aspects of a style. It is often much easier to communicate your thoughts and ideas in this way.
At the trial, don’t be afraid to tell your stylist that you don’t like what they have done! Hairstyles are subjective and you may not like what someone else does – take the time to carefully explain what you like and don’t like and what could be done differently.

Your stylist won’t be offended and would much rather you are happy, even if it takes a few goes at the trial to get it right.

Also remember that a wedding hair style over jeans and a jumper won’t give you the right impression – so perhaps take a strapless top and if you are not having a make-up trial, come wearing a similar amount that you would on the day, so you can see the look in context. It might take you a few looks in the mirror if it is a style you are not used to – but give it a chance!

The accessories

Hair accessories can turn a wedding guest hair style into a bridal hair style. Whether you go for a tiara, or some simple pearl pins it is worth thinking about how this can work with your dress, flowers and the theme of the wedding. If your hairdresser doesn’t work with an accessory designer, there are plenty of local companies that can be found on the internet and their prices can be surprisingly reasonable. Alternatively high street accessory shops should be able to order additional items if you need sets for bridesmaids.
Most florists will be used to being asked to provide flowers as accessories, so consider this as an option if it fits your theme. Your florist will advise but make sure they are flowers that can last a day out of water, without wilting.

The preparation

Not usually what a bride wants to hear, but in most cases it really is better to wash your hair the night before. In fact it is a bit of a myth as to why – it is not because ‘greasy’ hair is easier to put up, but due to the moisture. It takes around four hours for hair to completely dry, even after blow-drying and straightening and completely dry hair reacts better to heated styling tools and will have better staying power.
There are some cases where this does not necessarily apply – if your hair is being set by your stylist or if your hair is being blow-dried into a style, however your stylist will be able to advise.
Making it last.Any experienced wedding hairdresser will leave you with a style that will last for the duration of your wedding. However there are a few things you can do to help.

Of course it won’t rain on your wedding day, but just in case it is wise to have an umbrella on hand as any water will cause a style to drop
Task a bridesmaid or friend with carrying your hair survival kit – it should contain a few pins that match the colour of your hair and a mini-can of hairspray
Ask your stylist to show a bridesmaid how to remove your veil without upsetting your style – just in case you decide to take it off
Invite your stylist to your wedding!

Harrisons Hair Team

Harrisons Hair Team has been offering bridal hair styling for over 20 years. Their experienced hair stylists and make-up artists take the time to understand the look you want to achieve, perfectly recreating it on your wedding day in a calm and relaxed manner. With a large team on hand they are able to take both individual and large bridal party bookings.
The team would relish the opportunity to be a part of your special day, so if you think they could inspire you, give the bridal team a call on 01303 813062

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