Harrisons Hair Team

Attended Harrisons Hair Team to have my hair cut & blow dried. Was seen by Emily who completed the whole service. I wasn’t overly happy at the time with the style of the blow dry & couldn’t wait to wash it to restyle it myself. A couple of weeks later I was straightening my hair & I realised that my hair was cut very strangely & decided at this point that I definitely wouldn’t be going back. A couple more weeks passed & I attended a previously used hairdressers of mine (only stopped going due to the distance to get there) & I had a blow dry. As the stylist was drying my hair she noticed that the cut was slightly off, turns out that my cut at Harrisons Hair Team wasn’t correct at all & I was left with unfinished lengths. She had to correct it for me there and then as she wasn’t comfortable with me leaving their salon with such a horrendous result. Luckily she did this without any extra charge.

£55 for a standard cut & blow dry that wasn’t finished correctly, it’s an absolute rip off & I will not be recommending!

Kayleigh Deverson